CIF – Collective Intelligence Framework – My deployment

Morning Everybody!!!!

Been working on crafting my skills in Threat Intelligence and available open source system. As the title says I have been working on CIF from CSIRT and wanted to share my experience and my personal future developments.

Following are few screenshots of the system :

threat feeds ioc type applicationscif map

CIF comes with few default threat feeds and parsers. The scripts have parsers and remote hosts that are sending feeds. IOCs (Indicators of Compromise) such as IP address, URL, MD5 etc are fetched from the feeds. The scripts are written in YAML – human reabable text based language.

Visualisation is provided by Kibana (works on kibana 3 – shown above and Kibana 4 ) and ElasticSearch (1.4) is as database. Working on getting this to be updated on 2.x – requires full cluster update.

Experience :

  • I am running on a VM, Ubuntu, and have no issues. Sometimes do have to restart apache2, elasticsearch and cif services to populate custom dashboards and real-time data. Although one can make it as automated task by scripting or configure in cron tab.
  • System responsiveness is very good and intelligence feeds are quite good. Can be easily integrated with SIEM for additional context.
  • If you are security researcher and able to identify new IOC, you can update them on and than it can be pulled as feeds onto the system –

Future work:

  • I am currently working on more feeds – open source and writing parsers for them. I will be updating them on my github account :
  • STIX and TAXII – if i can
  • Working with CSIRT with regards to cif v3 – Bearded Avenger

Final words:

This is an excellent open source initiative from CSIRT ( in providing us with a framework and platform to share intelligence. One of the reason why hackers are one step ahead is they have better information sharing than organisation fighting against them and most of that is free and available in underground – dark net as we say. Meanwhile, vendors charges thousands and millions to share threat information.


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